By - Mar 20, 2017

Stop signs have proven

to cause incorrigible and abstract frustrations

enduring for hours & transferred

unconsciously to others

Energy continues long after it

The stars are dead their light still traveling


To consider what yet has been seen

The so many resplendent expressing


I say No one can be the same

millennial I’ve been alive

for a very long time we all have

stadiums and chanting beg

to differ hurl themselves

on their knees before me

asking if I would please

reconsider [my] sentiment [sic]

I could genuflect to an undefined all for the rest of my

This is what my head feels

Salmon fucking in PVC pipes in land locked

Mummification of an ecosystem

Flooding of humans out of houses

Take this salt bath

mystic stress circuit

Can you imagine draining a lake

of your heart’s labor?

Ancient quietude of confusion of being

in a holy & irreducible but often simplified

corroboration of matter forging

forward ever so tender & sweet


The wifi password is


At the time of writing

there are 100ish

commercially available apple brands

introduced to the market

within the past 100 years

Wax/wane air brush time away


I read each of the several hundred names

of the people who helped develop

an intricate coding pattern

for a design oriented computer program

as it is loading opening up

and I feel close to them

I feel their hands

wet with time

I take them in my own

and pray for a new intimation

that feels less sordid

& separate