By - Feb 28, 2018

Someone died & that was something.

No one knows all about it do they?
Some people know about it, but not other people.
There is a way to solve the murder case drunk
but only while wearing a tuxedo.

When the sun goes all the way down, you can’t resist the neon signs.

It makes you go all the way sad.
Now, let’s talk in the showroom full of open caskets.
What’s going on?
People are remaining dead.

Quite often people die in the night.

Can’t you get over it?
I want to tell you a harmless thing but I can’t bring myself to do it.
Now, let’s laugh our heads off
by reading our bankbooks.

People say there is such a thing as grief.

I will tell you about grief.
Grief is a few flinches a day.
Someday you’ll get over it.
When you die.

The world is not being strided upon by you at this moment.

Your cake is in the trash.
What I mean is, you’re dead.
And it is raining in the swimming pool.

What is realization?

Realization is a tarantula.
Being consoled is like being hustled.
Congratulations on being alive
when everyone else is dead.

The word grief means nothing.

Did I ever feel grief?
What did I know?
Death is death.
Now, let’s go into the tiger cage and talk.