By - Aug 11, 2017

I first encountered Future Nuns – a band from Columbus, Ohio – when my friend Alex Mussawir texted me that he was in a new band called Future Nuns. They hadn’t released any music, but I saw they’d done two photoshoots for two different profiles in local newspapers, here, and here. Their tape, released later, as one continuous thing – a YouTube video – instantly excited me, and has become my favorite non-rap album of the past few years. I was immediately struck by the eerie, vaguely off-key singing, poppy melodies, and humorously bleak, deadpan, smart, and oftentimes narrative lyrics – like “Natalie has a favorite backpack / but now she doesn’t know where it’s at / Natalie has a bouncy ball and some string / Natalie is trying to work on some things” or “You asked me why I never left Ohio / and I said ‘I don’t know'” – which reminded me more of prose than lyrics. I also enjoyed the lyrics in other songs, and have posted some below, beneath the tape. I recommend listening to the tape all the way through, while driving or exercising alone. Thank you for your time.  – Jordan Castro




relationship problems
authority problems
housing problems
computer problems
made up problems
personal problems
drinking problems
sexual problems
community college


fifteen rays of sunshine
and everyone’s standing around
twenty minutes later
we all get off downtown
i cannot describe
the meaning of this painting
without my knife

there are seven billion assholes
and one of them is yours
expanding and contracting
for seventy years
i’d like to describe
the world i watch go by
the world i watch go by


food desert, strip malls
trash overflowing into the hallway
the sky was yellow and made of glass
we stood and watched it crack and shatter
food desert, strip malls
chinese takeout in the kitchen
used condoms on the sidewalk
smell like flowers, laundry detergent
food desert, strip malls
it’s been a while since you called me
i’m clean shaven, i’m working often
i’m up late smoking in the same rooms
that i once lived






Future Nuns is a band from Columbus, Ohio. Future Nuns is Kyle Bergamo, Danielle Gagliano, Aaron Miller, Alex Mussawir, & Laura Payne. Future Nuns has a website at futurenuns.info.